Wallenberg-Sugihara Civil Courage Award - Selection Criteria

  • The recipient is a living person.

  • The recipient is associated or connected with BC.

  • There has to be a positive, tangible outcome, e.g., advancing human rights, as a result of the action.

  • The acts were carried out at significant personal, physical or psychological risk; or the acts followed physical or psychological oppression of the individual.

  • The recipient made extraordinary and courageous efforts to help others with respect to social justice and/or human rights by standing up against gross injustice or hardship.

  • The recipient engaged in acts which defied unjust laws, norms, conventions or unethical behaviours of the time or within the context in which the acts took place.

  • Acts carried out outside of BC would be seriously considered (just as Wallenberg and Sugihara’s acts involved foreign issues).

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