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SUNDAY, JANUARY 17, 2016, 1:30 P.M.

The Wallenberg-Sugihara Civil Courage Society is pleased to announce the presentation of the 2016 Wallenberg-Sugihara Civil Courage Award.  The Civil Courage Award is given to an individual associated with British Columbia, who at personal risk helped improve the lives of others while defying unjust laws, norms or conventions of the time and place as exemplified by Raoul Wallenberg and Chiune Sugihara.

The 2016 Wallenberg-Sugihara Civil Courage Award will be presented to Chief Dr. Robert Joseph who, at significant personal risk and after facing severe oppression, courageously stood up against social injustice to help others.  Early in his life Chief Dr. Robert Joseph endured abuse at an Indian Residential School in BC.  Later, at a time when the Indigenous community was conflicted about bringing the experiences in the residential schools to light and when the larger Canadian community was in denial about what had happened, he took risks and displayed civil courage when he chose to publically share his story and talk honestly about the consequences in his life of the abuse he had endured.  His example was instrumental in creating an environment where others could feel safe to come forward with their experiences.  Chief Dr. Robert Joseph chose to turn his experience into a vehicle for healing and helped bring about reconciliation with a will to make sure that this would never happen again.  Chief Dr. Robert Joseph is the co-founder of Reconciliation Canada.

This year’s event will include screening of the film “Carl Lutz – The Forgotten Hero”.  Carl Lutz, a diplomat and second-in-command at the Swiss Embassy in Budapest, saved tens of thousands of persecuted Hungarian Jews from death during World War II.

About the Wallenberg-Sugihara Civil Courage Society (WSCCS):
The WSCCS was formed by members of the Swedish Community, including the Honourary Swedish Consul, and the Jewish Community.  The WSCCS recognizes and honours individuals who help others at great risk to themselves.  The Society also aims to educate and inspire people and future generations.

“One person can make a difference.”

For further information:  Deborah Ross-Grayman, Director, at 604-250-3333 or info@wsccs.ca


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