Scandinavian Community Centre Library – selected titles pertaining to Wartime Civil Courage in Scandinavia


Call numbers are those used at the Scandinavian Community Centre library; they may differ at other libraries

Holbraad, Carsten. Danish reactions to German occupation. London : UCL Press, 2017. 940.53489 H72d

Hopkinson, Deborah. Courage & defiance : stories of spies, saboteurs, and survivors in World War II Denmark. New York : Scholastic Press, 2015. 940.53489 H79c

Jørgensen, Tore. Stutthof diaries collection : for truth & honor. Altona, Manitoba : Friesen Press, 2022. 940.54 J82s

Kovala, Liisa. Surviving Stutthof : my father’s memories behind the death gate. Sudbury : Latitude 46, 2017. 940.54 K88s

Lampe, David. Hitler’s savage canary : a history of the Danish Resistance in World War II. New York : Frontline Books, 2010. 940.53489 L23h

Lidegaard, Bo. Contrymen. Toronto : McClelland & Stewart, 2013. 940.53489 L71c

Loeffler, Martha. Boats in the night : Knud Dyby’s involvement in the rescue of the Danish Jews and the Danish Resistance. Dana College, Blair, Nebraska : Lur Publications, Danish Immigrant archives : 2000. 940.53489 L82b

Petrow, Richard. The bitter years : the invasion and occupation of Denmark and Norway April 1940-May 1945. New York : William Morrow, 1974. 940.54 P49b

Werner, Emmy E. A conspiracy of decency : the rescue of the Danish Jews during World War II. Cambridge, MA : Westview, 2002. 940.53489 W 49c

Yahoo, Leni. The rescue of Danish Jewry : test of a democracy.         Philadelphia : Jewish Publication Society of America, 1969. 940.53489 Y13r


Gyland, Ella. The day the Germans came. London : One More Chapter, 2022. FIC Gyl

Gyland, Ella. The Helsingør Sewing Club. London : One More Chapter, 2022. FIC Gyl

Jensen, Agnes Jelhof. Dilemma. Canada : Oberon Press, 1995. FIC Jen

Children’s Fiction

Elmer, Robert. A way through the sea. Bloomington, MN : Bethany House; Amazon, 2021. J FIC Elm

Elvgren, Jennifer. The Whispering town. Minneapolis,MN : Kar-Ben Publishing, 2014. J FIC Elv

Lowry, Lois. Number the stars. New York : Yearling,1989. YA FIC Low

Stuchner, Joan Betty. Honey cake. Vancouver : Tradewinds, 2007. YA FIC Stu (Later title ‘A time to be brave’)

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